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A Guy And His Hero

Everyone has once dreamed to follow a hero in his quest, to overview him, to be both storyteller and divine figure over a little world.
This dreamt world is what A Guy and his Hero is about. That's why the rest of the team joined the project, to get the opportunity to feel this adventure again. Feel free to help this hero through his journey in a beautiful Mediterranean environment, he will need your presence to succeed.

A Guy and his Hero is a student project led by a team of 6 students in first year of JMIN master at CNAM-ENJMIN, Angoulême, France.
We won the Great Prize at Hits Play Time contest on June 24 2017 and the Audience Award at IndieCade 2017 !

Download page :

A Guy and his Hero - Official Trailer

A Guy and his Hero - Gameplay Trailer